20.02. Poetry Jam

22.02. Assaia


23.02. JOHN BLEK

01.03. Frogcodile

08.03. HOboken Division

14.03. Bloomsdale

14.03. Talentschuppen


22.03. The Panic Postman

28.03. The Courettes

30.03. Florian Ostertag

04.04. LINGBY

05.04. tigeryouth

The Grizzled Mighty (USA)
30.04.   20:00h VVK: 7 - AK: 10
Closed Knuckle Jaw [This is not only ROCK'N'ROLL, BABY!]

The Grizzled Mighty was formed in the fiery belly of an active volcano. From the center of the Earth they erupted, spewed forth like a flaming phoenix. Ryan rose from the ashes of destruction, guitar in hand, bringing the erotic riffs of Hades to the trembling surface. Faustine, agent of evil and harbinger of chaos, descended swiftly as a rain of fire, striking the roiling bedrock like the Hammer of Thor. Together they create a force that rips the very fabric of space and time. There is no escaping The Grizzled Mighty.


Formed in Seattle, Washington, The Grizzled Mighty is comprised of Ryan Granger (vocals, guitar) and Faustine Hudson (drums). The Grizzled Mighty live at subrosa is

part of

the OFFICIAL Rock Hard FESTIVAL WARM UP party series

feat. Dj RobOnTheRocks, der diesen Abend rund macht - und zwar nicht nur mit heißen Sounds aus seiner coolen Plattensammlung: dazu bringt er nämlich auch noch GEWINNE, GEWINNE, GEWINNE an die Rockin' Girls 'n' Boys...von 1 x 2 Festival-Tickets bis zur höllisch heißen Rock-Hard-Quietsche-Ente !!!


VVK-Tickets HIER an der sub.Theke, im Hej Store & bei Black Plastic ohne Gebühren
sowie zu den üblichen Bedingungen samt angeschlossener Shops via eventim.



The Grizzled Mighty @ facebook 


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